Robert Raphael Schwenkler

The Brotherhood – A Leadership Training for Men

This is a call for the man who yearns for more from life…

Who is tired of the same shallow talk over drinks.

Who is making (or is ready to make) a significant life or career transition.

Who is ready to massively up-level the quality of his dating life or relationship.

Who is ready for a new level of mastery in his life.




A Leadership Training for Men Who Want to Master Their Careers, Relationships, and Lives


The truth can be painful.

But the truth will also set you free.

Most men are unwilling to acknowledge the truth of their situation. You’re not one of them though.

Life has been very challenging at times. You may even be in a period of crisis right now.

As men we’ve all experienced deep struggle and failure. But it’s not our fault we’ve have been reacting to life rather than leading it – nobody taught us better. We were handed a broken model of masculinity and, never realizing that we had a choice, tried to fit ourselves into it.

You’re here because the results of that model have not been working for you.

You’re not alone in Sex and Relationship if you…

  • Lack emotional depth and intimacy
  • Have a flaccid sex life
  • Have a dating life that’s on the fritz
  • Are considering separation or divorce
  • Never fully resolve conflict and arguments
  • Are unable heal the violation of trust that happened
  • Don’t know how to stop, let alone reverse, the buildup of resentment and disconnection

You’re not alone in Money and Career if you…

  • Have little or no sense of purpose
  • Know what your purpose is but you’re not moving forward on it
  • Hate your soul-sucking job
  • Are undergoing a significant career transition or increase in responsibility and you’re scared (whether you’ve admitted it to yourself or not yet).

You’re not alone in Friendships with Other Men if you are…

  • Tired of the same surface level conversations
  • Competitive to a fault
  • Unsure how to cultivate more authentic relationships with men (or if guys who also want that even exist)
  • Lacking depth and support with your guy friends
  • Wanting to surround yourself with men who will challenge and inspire you

You’re not alone in Self-Worth and Self-Expression if you…

  • Are scared to step into your full self expression
  • Feel not “enough”
  • Feel not “man enough”
  • Feel weak and powerless
  • Are unclear about who you really are
  • Are unsure what YOUR version of masculinity looks like for YOU



The Brotherhood is a Leadership Training for truth-seeking men who are ready to become leaders of their lives – to create deep, lasting transformation through the power of group coaching and a community of like minded Brothers.

Who is The Brotherhood For?

First let’s talk about who it’s NOT for. The Brotherhood is NOT for you if you want to…

  • Keep blaming other people or situations for your challenges and setbacks.
  • Get your partner to see it your way so that your relationship will work better.
  • Avoid confronting your patterns of checking out – whether porn, work, drinking, etc.
  • Show only the put-together parts of you.
  • Keep coasting in your career, relationship, and life.
  • Keep trying to solve your most important life, relationship, and career challenges on your own.

HOWEVER – If you are ready to…

  • Experience the energy and depth of a Men’s Leadership Training.
  • Create deep, mutually supportive relationships with growth oriented men like you.
  • Have your deepest purpose held and clarified by a group of men who are committed to your greatness.
  • Live courageously – and lead vulnerably from your heart.
  • Feel more alive than you ever have.
  • Feel more free than you ever have.
  • Take powerful leadership in every area of your life.
  • Create powerful results in every area of your life.

… then this journey might be exactly what you have been seeking.

The Brotherhood is an inclusive space for men of all races, sexualities, occupations, and relationship statuses to come into their authentic leadership.


Your Guides


BOB SCHWENKLER leads men’s workshops internationally and has helped private clients from across 3 continents to triple their revenue, re-kindle the passion in their relationships, and find deep levels of inner peace.

Many of his clients have achieved extraordinary success in past lives as Army Sniper Instructors, Hollywood Directors, and private yoga instructors to Saudi Arabian Princes. What they all hold in common is a commitment to live in full alignment with their deepest life purpose.


PETER RUBIN has found men’s work to be one of the most potent crucibles for growth. His superpower is vulnerability, and in many ways he’s a paradox of a man – both strong and highly sensitive, serious with playful things and playful with serious things.

He graduated from Stanford with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and is certified as a master NLP practitioner, a Diversity Facilitator, and a Slow Sex coach.


JOSHUA HATHAWAY, M.A., is a Tongue Fu black belt and master of the Art of Connection.

Through his private and organizational trainings in No Bullsh!t Communication, and coaching and consulting with companies like Zappos and Lyft, Joshua is exponentially empowering people’s capacity for radical honesty and exquisite sensitivity in the changing landscapes of modern love and leadership.

Why We Created The Brotherhood

Our bios show off the highlights of our lives and careers, but make no mistake, we have not been immune to suffering: Severe depression and suicidal mind states… Committing to career paths only to end up in soul-crushing jobs… Having our asses handed to us over and over (and over) again in romantic relationship… The extraordinary challenges of fatherhood and divorce…

But through it all we’ve forged forward to live our purposes and create our legacies.

There is one massive difference between us and other men who succumb to the challenges of life… We surround ourselves with other powerful men who hold us to our potential.

Two core elements that shape men into leaders of their lives are:

Deep Connection Through Brotherhood

Masculine Challenge

We are all founding members of our own peer-based men’s group: A circle of high performing men who are there for each other through thick and thin – to support each other AND call each other on our bullshit.

Through Challenge and Brotherhood we’ve created relationships, careers, and lives we couldn’t have even imagined a few years ago – full of aliveness, passion, fulfillment, and purpose.

Now it’s time to give back. To create more of the spaces we have benefitted from for for so many years. Spaces where men can come together to cut through the fear, pain, and bullshit – and open up their hearts to love, authenticity, and connection – in EVERY area of their lives.

It’s time to call forth the men who are ready to create powerful results in…

Money and Career

  • Step confidently forward into your next career move
  • Shatter the ceiling on what you believe you’re worth
  • Exponentially grow your results
  • Amplify your magnetism and visibility (Show up more powerfully)
My business is successful! I transitioned from being an employee to turning my former company into the biggest client in my new business. The catalyst? Simply having the balls to have the conversation and ask for what I wanted.”

Sex and Relationship

  • Rock hard sex life
  • Transform conflict into stronger connection
  • Create deeper intimacy – whether on your first date or your 10th anniversary
  • Amplify your magnetism and visibility (Be irresistible)
Things are better than ever with my wife. Our communication has deepened quite a lot in a very short amount of time. In a year’s time from now I can’t even imagine.”

Friendships with Other Men

  • Deeper, more meaningful connection with other men
  • End the cycle of isolation
  • Men who will call you on your shit. Not to cut you down, but to hold you to your greatness.
  • Amplify your magnetism and visibility (Get more respect)
“I’ve always considered myself someone who doesn’t show emotion freely and this has been a really good space for me to connect on a deeper level. Allowing the guys to see who I really am instead of a facade or an emotionless robot.”
“Wow! I hadn’t realized that such a big thing missing for me was an intentional men’s community.”

Self Worth and Self Expression

  • More emotional freedom
  • Come alive around your full energetic expression
  • Access deeper inner peace
  • Amplify your magnetism and visibility (Feel amazing about yourself)
People are telling me I’m changing. They are telling me I’m expressing myself better. Telling me I’m speaking a way they’ve never heard me speak before. It’s powerful stuff.”
I have claimed more of the range of who I am as a man. I get to be the whole gamut. I feel more comfortable in my skin and people have told me as such.”


The Brotherhood Leadership Training Begins With One Powerful Weekend…

The Weekend Men’s Leadership Intensive Includes…

  • 3 days and 2 nights in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA – March 2nd through 4th, 2018
  • Food and lodging included.
  • Massive Overdelivery of Value – Men report that they received over double and even quadruple their money’s worth during this weekend.
  • Action Plan – A personalized plan to identify, take action on, and create forward movement in the most important areas of your life.
  • Inner Transformation – You will more fully own your inner authority to become the leader of your life.
  • Real Life Implementation – You will create real life results.



Is The Brotherhood For Me?

If you’re ready for change and transformation in your life then buckle up! If not then this is NOT the place for you. The Brotherhood was transformational for me in ways I have not experienced in any other coaching or counseling setting. It’s a place where men get real and do the difficult work.”
Bob cuts right through and isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m full of shit – AND I LOVE IT. He challenges me to look at things differently, a lot of times in places I didn’t even want to go.”

The Brotherhood Men’s Leadership Training is not for everyone. It requires significant energetic, financial, and emotional investment to participate.

BUT – If your heart yearns for more in EVERY area of your life… If you’re ready to do what it takes to create deep and lasting change in your life, work, and relationships… If the thought of leaning into your edge has you feel more alive and brings butterflies to your belly, then let’s talk.

Your first step is to apply. From there we’ll connect on a call to explore in depth if The Brotherhood is the right fit for you.

You will not be hard sold. Only men who are, in their deepest hearts, a Hell Yes to this journey will be permitted to join this program.

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