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The Brotherhood – A 4-Month Transformational Experience for Men



A 4 Month Transformational Experience for Men

– Authenticity – Depth – Transformation – Play  –  Brotherhood  –


This is a call for the men who yearn for more in life…

It’s for the guys who want more connection, authenticity, passion, and sense of purpose in their lives.

It’s a call for those who crave more connection with others, to know themselves more deeply, and to cultivate deeper brotherhood with other men.

After spending the past 3 years talking intimately with hundreds of men from around the world I’ve witnessed, in depth and firsthand, the results of how we’re socialized as men.

We’re taught to handle everything ourselves. Don’t be too emotional or sensitive. Don’t get too close to other men or you might be gay. Keep pushing through the challenges and don’t share how you’re REALLY feeling.

We’re taught to fear and avoid the deeper levels of honesty, authenticity, transparency, and personal power that we secretly yearn for.

And the golden rule that keeps it all in place? Don’t reach out for support – especially not to other men.

The result?


We Suffer – We live in isolation, frustration, anxiety, disconnection, anger, or depression, unable to break the pattern.

Those We Love Suffer – Especially those closest to us. Disconnection, conflict, and checkout become routine in romantic relationship. If we’re parents we might become distant, angry, or overly critical. Our work relationships and friendships suffer.

All because we aren’t able to be authentic with ourselves and those around us.

But despite all of our social conditioning man after man I speak to knows that a different way of living is possible. They crave more.

Some – even though they say they want more – sadly aren’t ready to do what it takes to make real change.

But others are, and they are a special breed of men.

After coaching clients from across 3 continents and talking to so many men I finally created the program that I wish I’d had years ago when I was struggling with authenticity, relationships, life purpose, and my own self worth.


Introducing The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a 4 month Immersive for Truth-Seeking Men who are ready to create deep, lasting transformation in every area of their lives through the power of group coaching and a community of like minded Brothers.

Who is The Brotherhood For?

First let’s talk about who it’s NOT for. The Brotherhood is NOT for you if you want to…

  • Keep blaming the people and world around you for your struggles.
  • Get your partner to be different in order to get the quality of relationship you desire.
  • Keep trying to solve your most important life, relationship, and business challenges on your own.
  • Show only the parts of you that you feel comfortable with.
  • Avoid confronting your patterns of checking out – whether porn, Facebook, work, drinking, or addiction to your own thoughts.
  • Keep living in your comfort zone.

HOWEVER – If you are ready to…

  • Experience the energy and depth of a 4 month Men’s Immersive.
  • Create deep, mutually supportive relationships with growth oriented men like you.
  • Have your deepest purpose held and clarified by a group of men who are committed to their greatness.
  • Live courageously – and lead vulnerably from your heart.
  • Be a leader in creating a richer, fuller romantic relationship.
  • Feel more alive than you ever have.
  • Feel happier than you ever have.
  • Feel more at peace than you ever have.

… then this journey might be exactly what your heart has been seeking.


Why I Created The Brotherhood

bobrecordingPeople must have been confused when 3 years ago I left the dream job that I’d created for myself at a world famous independent record label. Bands came from all over North America to record with me. My name was on the back of albums being sold all over the world.

I lived in a beautiful town with a community I’d spent over a decade building. I regularly went to parties and gatherings, and everyone in town knew my name – even people I’d never met.

In short, I’d created for myself a dream job that music geeks all over the world would be green with envy to have. I was well known – even famous by some standards.

I had a stable, familiar home and a thriving community.

But inside I felt deeply unfulfilled.

  • I felt empty inside – alone and isolated from the world around me.
  • I wanted depth, authenticity, and meaning in my work AND my life.
  • I was tired of being surrounded by people I couldn’t trust to lovingly call me out on the places I was out of integrity.
  • I felt judged when my community didn’t “get” my biggest, deepest dreams.
  • I was chronically frustrated – surrounded by relationships that only went to a certain depth, and then stopped when things started getting uncomfortable – avoiding the inner healing and growth that I craved.
  • I knew I was living out of integrity with who I was as a man.

In the end I made a DECISIVE choice and I left ALL of it. The job, the studio, the home, the community, the recognition, the identity…

Since then I’ve relentlessly forged forward on my path.

bobpeteI’ve created powerful support systems with men who I would trust with my life… one of the core “secrets” to living a rich, fulfilling, on-purpose life.

I’ve been invited to travel internationally to co-lead men’s retreats.

I’ve created a life and business I couldn’t have even imagined 5 years ago – full of joy, fulfillment, and purpose.

Now it’s time to give back. To create the spaces I yearned for for so many years. Spaces where men can come together as Brothers to cut through the fear, pain, and bullshit – and open up their hearts to love, authenticity, and connection – in EVERY area of their lives.

It’s time to call forth the men who…

  • Are committed to uncovering and living their life purpose.
  • Tell the truth. They know that power and connection lie just on the other side of the uncomfortable conversation.
  • Do the work it takes to build and maintain strong relationships in their lives.
  • Live in integrity. They make life choices from love, not fear. They practice trust in themselves, those around them, and a higher power.
  • Have dedicated their lives to loving fiercely and vulnerably.


What You Can Expect Within The Brotherhood

–  Authenticity  –  Depth  – Transformation  –  Play  –  A safe space to be you  –  And Brotherhood (duh!)  –

The Brotherhood is a 4 Month Transformational Experience for Men. It includes…

  • Brotherhood – A safe, intimate group of 8 TSM’s (Truth Seeking Men) who have come together to transform both their inner AND outer worlds.
  • Transformation – A personalized plan to identify, take action on, and create forward movement in the most important areas of your life.
  • Support – Never have nobody to call again. In addition to the relationships you create in The Brotherhood you’ll receive guidance to set up powerful support structures in your own life that, when maintained, will last until the day you die.
  • 3 – 90 minute group calls per month – consisting of…
    • Deep coaching in a group setting to help you create your dream life.
    • Powerful group conversation that will dissolve shame, create deep brotherhood within the group, and allow you to deepen your relationships in the rest of your life.
    • Guest experts to powerfully support you in their areas of expertise.
  • A 3 day 2 night retreat/slumber party in beautiful, sunny Southern California. The plan for the weekend? Lots of fun, depth, transformation, and maybe even a little staying up too late!

This program is not for everyone. It will require significant energetic, financial, and emotional investment to participate.

BUT – If your heart yearns for more in EVERY area of your life – If you’re ready to do what it takes to create deep and lasting change in your life, work, and relationships – If the thought of the challenge has you feel more alive, then let’s talk.

Your first step is to apply. From there we’ll connect on a video call to explore in depth if The Brotherhood is the right fit for you.

You will not be hard sold. Only men who are, in their deepest hearts, a Hell Yes to this journey will be permitted to join this program.

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Praise for Bob’s Work With Men


I’ve taken massive action in my life and feel on my path.

I feel powerful. I greatly believe that I can overcome my relationship challenges, thank you for taking such a courageous and loving lead in the area of relationships. I have also reached out to multiple people who are struggling with porn addictions to help them, and have booked my first speech on the effects of porn for 400 students at a high school in Belgium.

Our time together has changed my life.
–  Vincent v.A.


I’ve lost the feelings of inadequacy and fear.

All because I allowed myself to be vulnerable. I knew when I was over my head and when to seek help. I have restored confidence in my personal power and handle all situations with confidence. Even my co-workers have commented on how much more self aware and secure I seem.
–  Jim F.


Your coaching is Jedi-like.

The way you go about things is subtle.

It’s the difference between a martial artist who’s way is to use a lot of energy and force, they’re very rigid and very raw. But when you watch a master, a 10th degree black belt, every movement follows the law of least effort. It looks subtle and effortless but the results are extremely powerful.
–  Rasul D.


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