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Coaching for Sensitive Men



trying to convince you by talking about my qualifications and certifications as a coach. I’m not going to include paint-by-numbers sales copy that’s intended to get you pumped up and manipulate you into clicking a button or filling out a form. I have no cookie cutter 30-day or 90-day programs to offer, the scope of work depends on one thing: You.


You are being called to deepen the amount of love and power in every area of your life. You want more…

  • Passionate and joyful intimate relationships
  • Ease, heart, and fulfillment in your business – and to make more money from that place
  • Power and freedom in your life
  • Authentic and supportive relationships with loved ones and friends
  • Connection to Spirit (God, Universe, or whatever you may or may not call it…)
  • Inner peace

You don’t buy into the old masculine paradigm that men do it all on their own. You know that true power lies in partnership and synergy.

You’d like to have someone on YOUR team who will help keep you in connection with your deepest intuition – and the powerful forward movement that comes as a result.


I work with Sensitive Men who have  a deep commitment to honesty and are ready to show up bigger than they’ve yet dreamed possible. In business, relationship, sex, and every other aspect of their lives.

They are men of high integrity. They are called to have a profound impact in the world.

Many have achieved extraordinary success in past lives as Army Sniper Instructors, Hollywood Directors, and working for the United Nations. One has even been flown around the world – on private jets – as the personal yoga instructor for a Saudi Arabian Prince.

At the same time, most of the men who hire me consider themselves to be “normal”. They don’t feel like their achievements make them any more or less special than the people around them.

They also all share one thing in common… They know that outer success doesn’t equal inner fulfillment.

They have followed their callings to create heart aligned businesses, reclaim confidence in their sex lives and relationships, tap into their life purpose, and discover who they truly are as men.


We talk. But more importantly, we listen. And magic happens.


We close the gap between you and your dreams. You will get out of your head, into your body, and take powerful, confident action in every area of your life.

You gain more access to what you already had: Confidence, clarity, and connection to purpose that’s internally sourced… that you can call forth again and again – on demand.

Any separation between you and your truest path simply dissipates.

The result? Past clients have tripled their revenue, re-sparked the passion in their relationships, and found more inner peace.


Here are some things you should know:

Coaching with me may not always be “fun”. We will bring the dark into the light – where it will then evaporate. I am direct and no bullshit. I deliver honesty.  This work is for those ready to come into their full purpose.

Coaching with me will also be joyful! Joy and laughter have the power to free us. Our fears and struggles don’t need to be as serious and sacred as we tend to make them. Play opens us up and allows us to create an inspired future.

Coaching with me will be powerful. The only way out is through. You will feel the nervousness and fear and you will lean into it. Every thing you want is just on the other side.


I only accept clients who are ready to do the work it takes to unlock the next level of purpose, confidence, and joy in their lives.

  • 6 Month Immersion – For the man who wants targeted step by step transformation. We’ll upgrade EACH AREA of your life to create a complete reinvention of how you show up as a man.
  • Full Day Intensive – For the man who wants accelerated results. If you’re fired up and ready to take action RIGHT NOW this option may be for you.
  • All In – A customized combination of the above two – the most effective way to create powerful forward movement. This offering is for the man who wants immediate results combined with ongoing support.


If you feel called to take the next step contact me here. We will connect in person via phone or Skype to explore what working together might look like, and if working together feels like a great fit for both of us. You’ll get no manipulative sales tactics. Powerful, life changing coaching speaks for itself.

Click here to contact me. Let’s set up a time to connect and explore.


Your coaching is Jedi-like.

The way you go about things is subtle.

It’s the difference between a martial artist who’s way is to use a lot of energy and force, they’re very rigid and very raw. But when you watch a master, a 10th degree black belt, every movement follows the law of least effort. It looks subtle and effortless but the results are extremely powerful.

Rasul A. Davis, Holistic Life Coach | The Total Wellness Guy

Nabill Idrisi

Your clear vision helped save my client relationship!

I had the calls [that we had discussed] today, and they broke new ground for me. Telling my client the honest truth was one of the hardest things I did in the past few weeks, but it led to a deeper place in our conversation and relationship.

I have to thank you for your resources and you yourself as a resource. Your clear vision of the honest conversation I had to have helped save my client relationship!

Nabill Idrisi | Productivity & Wellness Coach


You’re brilliant at helping me tap into who I am authentically and what sets me on fire.

You model authenticity and you do it powerfully. This allows me to find the same within myself.

When I call you it’s because I’ve lost sight of who I was: What my purpose was, what my calling was, and what my stand was in life.

You help me circle back to who I authentically am, what I really want, and what action steps I need to take to get myself back into that place of power.

Nate Bagley | and

Are you being called to create more love, power, and freedom in your life? Click here to contact me.

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