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A past girlfriend drilled into me one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever embodied. She saw the places in my life where I was out of integrity. Where my actions didn’t match my words. I was, in too many cases, untrustable.

Yes, it was an oftentimes painful drilling, but this lesson alone has changed the way I show up throughout my life, relationships, and business. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to have learned it.

You’ve heard the sayings: Don’t talk about it, be about it. Words are cheap. Actions speak louder than words…

Below are some of the thoughts I’ve turned into action. In each case I spend very little time talking about it. I spend a lot of time being about it.

Some are serious, some are beautiful, some are ridiculous, some are all these things at once. Just like me.


In January of 2015 I teamed up with meditation/sexual yoga mentor and master Christopher Sunyata to create this 30 day intensive dive into the foundational practices of developing sexual stamina.

Beyond just learning ejaculatory control, this work strengthens sexual confidence and is the the entry point into developing lifelong sexual practices that will energize a man’s body and profoundly deepen his relationships.

These practices also are the gateway to reaching advanced states of pleasure and connection through sex that are hard to believe or describe.

Men who participate can expect:

  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Increased passion within relationship
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased ability to hold emotional space (for himself and others)
  • Increased physical vitality and energy
  • Increased mental clarity and focus

If this sounds like something you (or someone you love) would like to cultivate in your (or their) life please click here to learn more.


Together, my partner Natalie and I work with men and women who are in committed relationship (or who would like to be) to help them create brilliant, soul-stretching sex lives, and more fun, intimacy, and connection in their relationships.


Sex the Podcast is an authentic, vulnerable, and honest conversation about sex.

This project features honest conversations and explorations with sex experts AND the couple down the street who might not be famous in the media, but who are having amazing sex day in and day out.

RMRM-logo-ColorWho were our male role models growing up and how did they impact the men and women that we’ve become? How do we pass this legacy on to our  families and communities? What does it mean to be a man?

Reclaiming Male Role Models is a podcast exploring what it means to be a man in the 21st century. | Putting the “Man” back in humanity.

The Bob Schwenkler Experience

Imagine honest and finely crafted folk songs. Then imagine Iron & Wine covering an MTV Party 2 Go compilation. That’s kind of like The Bob Schwenkler Experience.