Bob Schwenkler

Work With Me

Men work with me because they want more love, confidence, and power in every area of their lives.

They are entrepreneurs, coaches, managers, teachers, fathers, straight men, and gay men.

Some of them have achieved extraordinary success in past lives as Army Sniper Instructors, Hollywood Directors, and private yoga instructors to Saudi Arabian Princes.

What they all hold in common is a commitment to follow their callings to build heart aligned businesses, reclaim passion and intimacy in their sex lives and relationships, and live in full alignment with their deepest life purpose.

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Women work with me because they want more balance, ease, and intimacy in their lives.

I work with high performers and high earners in the MLM, corporate, and real estate worlds – women who are ready to translate their professional success into their personal lives and relationships.

What they don’t realize is that what’s allowed their business success is precisely what holds them back in other areas of their lives.

They’ve checked off the boxes of professional and financial success, yet something’s still missing. They’ve come to the realization that the racetrack of career hasn’t brought them all that was promised. They are ready to cultivate more life balance, and intimacy and passion in their relationships.

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